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“Living healthy is not one time resolution. It is living with Health Consciousness everyday that invokes your inner health potential your whole life.”- Rakesh 

About Ayurveda Medical Science

Backed by 5,000 years of results, the American workforce is ready to embrace this “new” approach to wellness 

Bridging Ayurveda with Conventional medicine

Health care costs are skyrocketing for companies and employees. The overall health of the U.S.workforce is alarming. Decades ago, who could predict that “wellness” would dramatically impact productivity and profit? But, today, corporate wellness has become a key concern – and a key business strategy.

According to a recent study, when American workers engage in healthy habits, they can lower their total medical costs by nearly $10,000 per employee over a five-year period – simply by becoming more active and engaged in their health and wellness (Sixth Annual Cigna Choice Fund Experience Study).

An approach to corporate wellness that inspires employees to actively participate in their health and wellness can significantly impact productivity and profit.

What is attractive about Ayurveda medical science? 

Ayurveda is a health-management approach that encourages wellness, rather than a disease-management approach that treats illness. For more than 5,000 years, people inIndia have practiced Ayurveda as a medical science. For decades, Europeans have sought rejuvenating “wellness vacations” inIndia for Ayurvedic medical treatments. Why? Because this approach to health and wellness works!

In Sanskrit, Ayur means life, and Veda means science. This unique medical science addresses the whole person – not simply the physical being. For millennia, people have recognized the power of the mind-body relationship and its importance to overall health and wellbeing.

In addition, Ayurveda medical science addresses each individual as an entirely unique person. Unlike traditional Western medicine’s one-size-fits-all approach, the Ayurvedic medical system recognizes that everyone has a unique mind-body constitution.

Once you become aware of your unique mind-body constitution, this system offers personalized health and wellness recommendations that are exactly suited to you. When you understand your unique mind-body constitution – and are empowered with specific wellness recommendations – you can actively participate in your health and wellness every day. Hear a brief interview about Ayurveda on the top left of this page.

Why introduce Ayurveda into your corporate wellness program?

Studies show that employees who actively participate in their health and wellness are energized, engaged, and significantly healthier. Employees who are engaged look forward to coming back to work on Monday mornings. They forge cohesive, productive teams. They meet the organization’s strategic goals.

An energized, engaged, and healthy workforce can have an extraordinary impact on your company’s productivity and profit.

That’s why True Wellness Group is committed to introducing Ayurveda medical science to the American workforce. A wellness coach, corporate wellness expert, and professional speaker, Rakesh Sethi presents the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, combined with his scientific, practical approach to inspire people to make life-long changes to achieve true wellness.

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5,000 Years and Counting…

The Ayurvedic medical system has flourished for millennia – because it works!

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