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Ten Simple Ayurveda Tips for Life Long Health

Posted on: February 10th, 2011 by Rakesh Sethi 8 Comments

“Do We Care Better for Our Cars Than our Bodies?” Strangely enough I really think so.   We are concerned more about being stranded on the freeway somewhere than stranding our selves in the hospital with heart attack someday.  We do not fill the car with wrong type of gasoline but yet we will fill our own body with wrong types of food.  We give our car a break while it is in the garage for regular tune ups.  But we do not take a break even while eating meals.  And then we wonder in a few years, in spite of eating healthy, how we could land a disease.  Today I want to share ten simple Ayurveda Tips to change the lifestyle for better health and avoid chronic illnesses.

You are doing our best to live right to keep your body healthy and avoid illnesses.  My goal is to augment your effort by making some suggestions, perhaps add missing links.  Following are ten simple Ayurveda tips based on ancient wisdom of  natural wellness:ayurveda

  1. Drink a glass of warm to hot water (not coffee), first thing when you wake up.
  2. Get to know your Body Constitution.  Each person is uniquely built with physio-psychological constitution.  Based on your constitution, certain foods and activities are more suitable for you than others.  To assess your body type, please subscribe below to the FREE “simple secrets to good health” mini course and discover your unique body constitution. 
  3. Select foods according to your Body Constitution.   Food is the first medicine for the body.  Clean eating with right foods help prevent your body from becoming sick in the first place.  From an Ayurvedic consultation, receive a personalized Ayurvedic Diet and Lifestyle chart with list of recommended herbs, spices, and foods as per your body constitution .
  4. Make eating a ritual. Take the time to make it light and relaxed time while offering food with love to your body.  Do mindful eating.  Connect with your body and mind while enjoying every bite full of tasty flavors and nutrition.  Disconnect from work, internet, TV, and other interruptions.  Studies have shown when we are distracted with these activities while eating, you gain weight by unknowingly eating more food and/or you absorb less nutrition from your food, even if the food is full of nutrition.  Allow your mind to relax and enjoy!
  5. After a meal for optimum digestion, your stomach should be half full with “solids”, one quarter full with liquid, and one quarter empty with “air”.
  6. Allow 4-5 hours in between meals. When possible eat at least one meal per day with a family or a group of friends.
  7. Drink very little water with the meals.  Wait about 45 minutes and drink good amount of water.  NEVER drink ICED water/drinks just before, during, and right after the meals.  Iced water compromises your digestive fire leading to slow or inefficient digestion.
  8. Do at least once per week Oileation (Ayurvedic Massage)of your body as per your Body Constitution.  Ayurvedic Massage is a loving application of oil all over your body with light massaging motions.  Leave the oil to soak in for 25 minutes before taking a shower.  This nourishes your body while slows down aging. Ayurvedic massage oil is available here.
  9. Exercising 2-3 times a week.  This is nothing new; however, I want to include this for some of us who needs extra motivation and reminders.  In my gym, I regularly meet some people who can barely walk but they are there doing their thing.  I call them just pure inspiration for the rest of us.    Aerobics, sports, walking, yoga, weights, and other resistance exercises are all good.  Choose your exercises as per your body condition and your goals.
  10. Form a daily and weekly routine! The MOST important part is- STICK to it

Imagine Implementing the Small Ayurveda Tips & Receiving Big Health Benefits

Imagine your life if you took care of your body, “your vehicle for your lifetime journey”, with these simple ayurveda tips.   You would live with vibrant health; creating meaningful healthy relationships; bursting with energy while undertaking your responsibilities; enjoying life to its full potential; and creating health in others by spreading happiness to every one who surrounds you.  You would prevent chronic illnesses like obesity, diabetes, anxiety disorders, depression, and fatal illness like cancer. Economically, you would save loads of money by NOT needing pharmaceutical drugs.  And let’s not forget, you would avoid the dangerous side effects that come from using synthetic drugs.  Natural Ayurveda tips offer true preventive care and promote health and wellness naturally.

Subscribe below to discover your body type and basic Ayurvedic knowledge in FREE mini course.

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8 Responses

  1. Laura Susana Bascopé de Veroes says:

    Thanks you.
    Maybe you knew Dr. Keshaba Bhat.
    Let me tell you that because of him and all his wonderful information, my husband and I begin on vegetarian way of life. He was from India, so he knew about all this details.
    I confess that we don´t do all this details in our eating way !! ooohhhhh!!!
    But today, and because of you Rakesh Sethi, I PROMISE I WILL DO THEM WITH ALL MY HEART !! and with my example, my husband, Aníbal will get on it too! (I hope)jeje!

    Best wiches !!

    • Rakesh Sethi says:

      It is my pleasure to know you. I am happy to know you will practice some of the knowledge in your daily lives. I wish you and your husband the best of health & wellness. Rakesh

    • Carlynda says:

      Your article was excellent and erudite.

  2. Wonderful Article! Keep up the good work Rakesh! I really like your page and approach 🙂 Have a wonderful day! 🙂

  3. Kassie Dilthey says:

    Good post. In my opinion and experience of being a swimmer in college, I can say the best way to wake up motivated and the only thing you need in my opinion is to go to bed motivated. It’s never good to go to bed with the mindset of not wanting to wake up. We should never want to sleep because there is so much to do. My freshman year I hated setting my alarm clock for 5:30am to go swim, especially in the winter. As a consequence, I woke up tired and without a smile. The day follows the morning. My last three years in college were different because I couldn’t wait to get in the pool at 6am! My life changed.

  4. suzanne says:

    Thank you and fully agree. My family has adopted a whole food plant based lifestyle now in month 14 and the results are astounding. Discipline has formed our bodies to improve beyond our expectations and freedom has emerged of which we would have not understood possible without the discipline being rooted. We have saved money time energy ourselves. Our body is temple, if every home temple in our community is improved, the global temple is improved. We have improved health in 4 bodies in our home of untold proportions with a whole food plant based lifestyle. I avoided surgery. If you are interested I have started a blog which you can visit if interested. With respect I will post a link to you too on my blog. Thank you for your article.

    • Rakesh Sethi says:

      I visited your blog and appreciate your spreading the wellness. You are welcome to use reference to my articles with link back to the article.
      Be Well- Rakesh

  5. suzanne says:

    Thank you Rakesh appreciate the connection and if I give further reference to your site absolutely I will reference you. Have a lovely day. Cheers for now, Suzanne

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