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Herbs for Anxiety and Stress


Herbs for anxiety, stress tabletsOrganic Stress Free Emotions: For natural resistance to emotional stress and fatigue; promotes emotional balance, positive feelings, and feelings of fulfillment. More Details >>

Organic Stress Free Emotions
60 Herbal Tablets


herbs for anxiety and stress tabletsStress Free Mind: Supports natural resistance to daily mental stress and fatigue; Herbs for anxiety and stress promote peace, stability, calmness under pressure.  More Details >>

Stress Free Mind
60 Herbal Tablets


Herbs for anxiety tabletsWorry Free: Formulated with herbs for anxiety which calms the mind and emotions; supports clarity of mind and deeper sleep; natural support for everyday stress and tension.  More Details >>

Worry Free
60 Herbal Tablets


Herbal Tablets for Emotional balanceBlissful Joy: To help uplift emotions; helps balance emotional ups and downs; alleviates sadness and feelings of frustration.  More Details >>

Blissful Joy
60 Herbal Tablets


Ashwagandha herbal tabletsAshwagandha :Supports resistance to stress, anxiety, promotes stamina and energy, and promotes general well-being.  More Details >>

60 Vegetarian Tablets


Vata Aroma Oil: Slow down the pace; calms the mind; Aromatherapy oil formula for calming the mindgreat for cold or dry weather. More Details >>

Vata Aroma Oil- .33 fluid oz.


Essential oils blend of herbs for anxiety


Worry Free Aroma OilEssential oil blend of herbs for anxiety includes Jasmine, Rose, Lemon and Patchouli to create a calming, relaxing effect; diffuse day or night.  More Details >>

Worry Free Aroma Oil – .33 fluid oz.


Vata herbs for anxiety tea bagsOrganic Vata Tea : Sweet and soothing to help restore balance quickly, whether it’s at work, at home or on the road. More Details >>

Organic Vata Tea
16 Tea Bags, $5.95


tea with blend of herbs for anxiety and worry Worry Free Tea : Herb and spice blend of herbs for anxiety formulated to help stabilize the emotions, calm the mind and soothe frayed nerves; all-natural mint flavor.  More Details >>

Worry Free Tea, 20 Tea Bags- $6.95


Herbal anxiety relief - organic shankhpushpi capsulesShankhpushpi: This herb is outstanding rejuvenating tonic for the mind and nerve tissue. It plays multiple roles- in depression it is uplifting and in anxiety it is calming. It can be used for insomnia as well. More Details >>

Shankpushpi Certified Organic – 100 Vegicaps Capsules – $19.95

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