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Ashtanga Yoga: What is It and its Role in our Wellness

Posted on: August 19th, 2013 by Rakesh Sethi

Did you know that yoga is not just a series of different physical exercises? Of course, it is that, but “Health+Happiness=Wellness” book describes it is much more when it comes to promoting health in the body and mind. The word yoga comes from Sanskrit and means “to unite.” But what is it uniting? It is uniting the spiritual, intellectual, emotional, and physical components of you for one single purpose. In our case, it is wellness! You may have heard of another purpose of yoga which is self-realization. Although I will touch upon many aspects that are fundamental to reach self-realization, my focus in this book is to help you reach and maintain wellness.

Yoga is an integral approach made of eight limbs (Ashtanga) working together in harmony for a single purpose of promoting wellness in you. Let’s go through what is Ashtanga Yoga quickly:

Ashtanga Yoga | What is Yoga | Role of Yoga in Wellness

Can you imagine a life filled with wrong personal and social conduct, ruled by the five senses, and only guided by the emotions? Can you imagine this life producing peace, health, and happiness? You cannot! It is not possible. The emotions are a good servant but not a good master. The intellect is the master and must take charge. The following analogy out of “Health+Happiness=Wellness” book illustrates this relationship beautifully:

Imagine your body as a chariot, your intellect as a chariot driver, your mind as the reins, your five senses as the five horses drawing the chariot, and your desires as the roads you travel on. Your intellect must at all times be in control of the reins (mind) and direct the horses (senses) to keep the chariot on the right roads (desires) for creating wellness. Otherwise, five horses (your five senses) running wild and out of control would drive the chariot (body) on the wrong roads, creating disease and unhappiness.

Try to understand that yoga is more than just physical exercises. When you practice all eight limbs of yoga, including right thoughts, words, actions, social behavior, physical exercises, self-control of vital life forces, and self-control of mind with vigilant intellect, then you unite your spiritual, intellectual, emotional, and physical components all behind one single purpose, and that is wellness!

Read in “Health+Happiness=Wellness” book what does being healthy really means, why you are your first doctor, what makes you different, and how to design your personalized wellness plan according to your unique body and mind.  Discover this and much more in this book.  You will change your approach to health and wellness forever.

Click on the book to read more.

health-happiness-wellness book


Common Herbs in the Kitchen: Your First Pharmacy

Posted on: July 30th, 2013 by Rakesh Sethi

Believe it or not, all common herbs you use in the kitchen come with numerous medicinal benefits. There is an extensive trail of research that shows how every one of these common herbs provides some of the similar benefits as pain relieving, antibiotic, or anti-inflammatory medicines, and without the side effects. Using these natural herbs regularly in your diet can keep your physical body pain-free, strengthen its strong immunity, and enhance its vitality.

The following list of herbs are the most common herbs in the kitchen. If you do not use them now, you should seriously think about stocking your kitchen with them. These herbs are used in cooking delicious recipes. Not only will you enjoy delicacies, but you will also enjoy disease-preventing benefits. Significant research has been done on the following herbs with respect to their various disease-preventing benefits. The types and amounts of herbs you use will be as required in the recipes or the dosage written below, and they are for prophylactic (disease prevention) purposes only. You can work with an herbalist or Ayurvedic practitioner to use herbs for therapeutic (disease healing) purposes.

In my practice, I have noticed that people will often question whether an herb will work for them when it comes to natural healing. “Will this really work for me?” they will ask. But they believe in drugs unconditionally. The truth is that you will often hear your doctor say, “Try this prescription and see how it will work for you; if it doesn’t, we will try another one.” It is the same with food and herbs. You have to give them a try to see whether they will work and how well they will work for you.

However, there is one golden rule of Ayurveda you must keep in mind:

Health Quotes

  List of Herbs and Spices Recommended for Your Kitchen


herbs and spices for health

herbs and spices for health


















herbs and spices for health

herbs and spices for health


















herbs and spices for health

     herbs and spices for health

















Get the entire list of herbs and spices in the “Health + Happiness = Wellness” book

Get the book now to discover which herbs are more suitable based on your unique mind-body constitution, which herbs you can use under certain conditions, which herbs you should avoid, or take with certain caution.


wellness book




How to Realize Benefits of Meditation in the Real World? Part 2

Posted on: July 4th, 2012 by Rakesh Sethi 5 Comments

In part one of meditation article series, you discovered what is the true purpose of meditation. Here you will find out how to realize benefits of meditation in the real world. First we must understand how our body, mind, & intellect work.  While body can do multiple tasks, the mind can only do one task at one time.  When our mind gets involved in performing multiple tasks it gets tired easily & the quality of each action suffers. Which in turn leads to uncertainty, uncertainty leads to increase in anxiety, and anxious mind creates restlessness ultimately leading to stress.benefits-of-meditation

Now this is where we realize the benefits of meditation practice.  Just as in during meditation in room alone, we used our intellect to keep the mind on one & one thing alone, we do the same thing here.  Our intellect must always keep strict observation over our mind & prevent the mind from wandering off into past or future and taking on multiple tasks.  By staying focused on the one task at the present moment and completing it gives us great satisfaction; then completing five tasks with uncertainty in mind, which ultimately leads to do-over & stress.  You must have heard of “living in the moment”.  Well, my friends, this is how you live in the present moment.  When we start to live like this, we practice meditation every living moment of our lives.

We discussed stress created due to mind involved in multiple tasks.  Another source of stress is mind living in conflict.  Often conflicts create a sea of emotions in the mind since people’s egos are involved.  Therefore, here it becomes extremely important that intellect over sees action or actions that will resolve the conflict without creating any additional conflicts.  Here again we realize the benefits of meditation. Using meditation technique, the intellect must use the mind as a field on which various different resolution action scenarios can be played out.  While playing out these scenarios, intellect must keep emotions, egos and selfishness in check. The mind focuses on an action that resolves a conflict without creating any additional ones.  This is a technique for conflict resolution and to avoid any potential conflicts.

So far we have been discussing “outward” benefits of meditation.  If you are comfortable here, it is absolutely fine.  But there are also an “inward” benefits of meditation.  This inward journey is very subtle, must be taken seriously, and only after one is at peace with all external matters.  Otherwise it is difficult to stay with it, and if one becomes frustrated, one should immediately step back from this type of meditation practice and take up again later at an appropriate time.

Imagine if You Tried These Simple Meditation Techniques

Imagine benefits of meditation  if you were to start using meditation techniques in your everyday life situations.  In one sentence your stress will decrease and success will increase.  You will have more control over your life.  You will avoid creating excessive stress from conflicts at home & at work, conflicts in relationships, and problems with health.  Stress and mind in conflict can become a root cause of a disease.  By practicing regularly and daily, you could avoid any future potential health problems and create true wellness.

A mind living in conflict cannot meditate. How can you know peace without meditation? How can you know joy without peace?   So if your goal is to live in peace and experience joy in your life, you must give these techniques a serious try.


In nut shell, we practice meditation in our part time only to put meditation into practice full time all day to realize benefits of meditation in all of our other affairs.

If you liked the benefits of this article then the biggest compliment you can give is by sharing its benefits with others.

Be Well!

Rakesh Sethi

Share your comments, thoughts and suggestions below. I appreciate your time & will take the time to read every single one!


Natural Home Remedies for Diabetes: Diet for Diabetics

Posted on: June 19th, 2011 by Rakesh Sethi 1 Comment

Recent statistics reveal that the Diabetes Mellitus (type 2) cases are on the rise, especially, in age group 20 and younger. And herein lays the URGENCY to raise a healthy next generation. One of the main contributing factors is increase in processed and fast food diet and sedentary life style. Good news is you can treat this type of diabetic condition by using simple, easy, and natural home remedies for diabetes. Bad news is, if you let it slide and ignore, you will face life altering risks of:

• Robbing you of your normal quality of life
• Making you more vulnerable to life threatening diseases- High Blood Pressure, heart disease, nervous system, stroke, kidney failure, amputation, and blindness
• Taking your wounds longer to heal
• Increasing your risk of death 2 times the people without diabetes

I hope these life threatening risks would inspire you to take immediate action after consulting with your doctor.


Diabetes Mellitus is a disease more probable when you are:
• Over Weight
• Overeating- not just sugar products but also proteins, fats, and carbohydrates
• Eating wrong diet- refined sugar, cereals, and white flour products
• Living under constant stressful and inactive lifestyle

Treatment with Natural Home Remedies for Diabetes

The natural remedies will be effective only after you remove the causes and then follow the changes in your diet and life style as described below:
• Remove fatty & fried foods
• Avoid all together or limit cheeses
• Replace wheat grains, rice, and white flour with oats, barley, millets, or quinoa
• Add bitter melon and okra to your vegetable menu (or 2oz. of bitter melon juice per day)
• Add sprouted fenugreek seeds in your diet about 100gm per week (2000mg in capsules/day)
• Use sunflower oil in place of all other oils
• Cook recipes that use garlic, onions, and ginger. In fact take ginger tea 2-3 times a day
• Other add-ons you can frequently use in cooking are; cinnamon, holy basil, cayenne, coriander seeds
People familiar with Ayurveda should note that basics behind diet suggested here is Kapha pacifying diet.

Role of Exercise

There is an incredible amount of evidence that regular vigorous (aerobic) exercising benefits all factors of diabetes. If you are just starting, start with gentle walking and work up to more intense routines.
Yoga is excellent in exercising and stimulating the functions of the internal organs along GI tract, liver, pancreas, kidneys, etc. Do the Following Yoga positions- Cobra pose, Fish pose, Spinal twist, and Janushirasna

Herbal Support

There are many herbal solutions to support you with the above diet. Take Glucostat as directed. If in doubt, please see an Ayurvedic practitioner for assessment. Gradually,  it is possible your natural home remedies for diabetes, mainly your diet, may be sufficient and you may not require additional herbal support.  If you are taking prescription drug, please consult with your doctor.


Whether you are over or under 20 years of age, these natural home remedies for diabetes can help you reverse and prevent the diabetes from occurring again in your life time. Yes, it will require some changes and good discipline. I think you’d agree that these changes are much smaller to face than the risks of not making any changes and taking medications for the rest of your life. Be Well!


Always Tired- Simple Steps to Natural Cure for Fibromyalgia

Posted on: May 27th, 2011 by Rakesh Sethi 30 Comments

natural remedies for fibromyalgiaWhy am I always tired? It could be fibromyalgia or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). Two are separate but related disorders that exhibit similar symptoms. They are characterized by lack of energy, overall body fatigue, and pain in muscles and joints. Some days are worse than others. Physically and mentally you feel that you are not the same person you used to be.  Here you will discover  a natural cure for fibromyalgia (which also applies to CFS) or at least how to reduce the symptoms, improve quality of life by following simple natural remedies.


The fundamental cause for fibromyalgia or feeling of always tired is toxic body. As the body accumulates more toxins, the “always tired” symptoms become worse, and you loose the will and ability to perform simple tasks. Toxins accumulate because of the following reasons:

  • Slower or improper digestion
  • Eating wrong foods or eating at the wrong times
  • Over-eating or not eating at sometimes
  • Mental stress due to taking on more tasks than you can do

You can eliminate these causes simply by changing your diet and life style.

Simple Steps for Natural Cure for Fibromyalgia

1. Detoxification

Follow the simple steps listed in an article Detoxify Body in 7 Days:

  1. Start first day with ONLY 32 oz.- 48 oz. of warm to hot water in the morning. Have warm light vegetable soup for lunch.  Or if you can manage with fruits only choose cooked apple or pear, uncooked grapefruit, or pomegranate. In the afternoon have only fresh Ginger tea.  If you can skip evening meal- great, if not, have Moong lentil soup only.  Rest & avoid exercising on this day. For the next 5-6 days:
  2. Have warm light easy to digest foods like chicken broth soups, rice & Moong lentil soups, or other light meals.
  3. Drink hot fresh cut ginger tea 3-4 cups and only hot water through out the day.  Take 1000mg, 1/2 teaspoon or 2x500mg capsules, of  Turmeric after each meal w/ warm water. Triphala- digestive aid herbal formula
  4. Take 2000mg, 1/2 teaspoon or 2x1000mg tablets of  Digest Tone(Triphala Plus)         before bedtime w/ warm water.
  5. Do Ayurvedic massage with warm Ayurvedic massage oil (Massage will move the toxins, improve joint flexibility, and oxygenate the muscles by bringing fresh blood.)
  6. Depending on your toxic state, you can continue this procedure beyond 7 days. The procedure is gentle, gradual, and natural so it can be done for 2-3 weeks. A good sign that the detoxification is working and uprooting the fibromyalgia, is when you have your energy back and do not feel always tired.

You can purchase all the herbs as well as Ayurvedic massage oil  mentioned here in our online store .

2. Post Detoxification- Rejuvenate Body

Gradually work up to your regular diet but AVOID– Icy cold drinks, Fried foods, Red Meats, Cheese, Refined processed foods, Heavy creamy & sugary foods, Raw vegetables, and Cold foods.  Make sure to include raw cold-pressed organic oils in your diet in moderation (up to 1 Tb spoon). Start with walking and gradually work up to exercise routines suitable for your health condition.

3. Stop Re-occurrence with Natural Cure for Fibromyalgia

To naturally avoid reoccurrence of fibromyalgia and avoid being always tired by keeping up your energy level, take turmeric (read health benefits) and ginger (read health benefits) in your daily routine for your health and wellness. Make sure to take on only those tasks that you can accomplish in the time set aside by you. Be Well!



Anxiety Disorders: Natural and Herbal Anxiety Remedies

Posted on: May 7th, 2011 by Rakesh Sethi 10 Comments

For natural herbal anxiety remedies to be effective, you must commit to changing your diet and life style. This particularly includes changing eating and living behaviors to remove mental and physical causes that increase your anxiety as discussed in the previous article.

The physical causes must be removed prior to beginning natural and herbal remedies for anxiety. In addition, the mental causes must be addressed with the physical treatment.  Along with seeing a psychologist, you can significantly benefit by joining a local self help or support group and receive help by listening and sharing problems and achievements with each other.

Natural remedies for anxiety include the following suggestions:

Diet Modification:

  • Always eat warm cooked food with a table spoon of olive oil (per day)
  • No ice or ice cold drinks
  • Eat 2-3 ounces of mixed nuts per day. Almonds should be soaked overnight in water, peeled and taken in the morning

Life Style Modification:

  • Organize your day- make a list of things to do and stick to them (have ONLY reasonable #s on to do list)
  • Perform oil massage 2 -3 times per week with Ayurvedic Massage Oil. Leave oil on for 20-30 minutes before taking shower
  • Aerobics or fast paced exercise NO MORE than 2-3 times per week
  • Include meditation and yoga exercises in your daily morning routine (20-30 minutes be fine

woman doing yoga, exercises, and having massage

Supplements and Herbal Anxiety Remediesorganic-ashwagandha-capsules

  • Take Vitamin B12 and 2000mg of fish oil daily after a meal
  • Take 1000mg of Ashwagandha herb with warm milk after breakfast and 1000mg after dinner.
  • Take 1000mg of Shankpushpi herb before bedtime with warm milk.  If you have trouble sleeping, you can increase the amount up to 3000mg

You can purchase both herbs and Ayurvedic massage oil  in our online store. The herbal anxiety remedies suggested are rejuvenating, relaxing, and not stimulating. They are nerve tonic for nervous exhaustion with no side effects. They promote tranquility without dulling the mind. DO CONSULT with your Ayurvedic practitioner and physician before making changes in your regimen. Be Well!


Food Combination Chart Provides Healthy & Clean Eating Suggestions

Posted on: March 4th, 2011 by Rakesh Sethi 19 Comments

To get most out of our meals, we need to follow certain rules of combining food.  There are no secrets but a scientific basis for combining foods that are compatible.  It is on this scientific basis and including tips from ayurveda natural medical science, we have created a compatible Food Combination chart.  Follow the recommendations on this chart for clean eating and optimum digestion.  As a result, absorb the most nutrients from the foods you eat.

Select foods from the combination chart that are good for eating together.  When we mix different food, we are bringing several chemicals together and the digestion itself injects various digestive juices and enzymes (more chemicals) to breakdown the food for proper absorption.  Our goal is not only to eat clean but also have a clean digestion. For example, protein and carbohydrates is not a good combination.  The digestive process for protein takes on very different route than digesting carbohydrates.  The protein requires a lot of acid and longer time in the stomach to breakdown for digestion and during this time acid literally “burns” the nutrients in the carbohydrates.    Thus the benefits of the carbohydrates are lost due improper digestion plus the “burned” carbohydrates in the GI tract will create gas.

The most common food combination that creates indigestion and gas is combination of high rich protein and carbohydrates.  For the reasons described earlier, combining meat with potatoes, bread, sweets, and fruits should be avoided particularly.  So what do we eat protein foods with? Animal protein foods are best digested when combined with fresh or cooked vegetables and highly acidic fruits.  However, the plant protein foods like nuts, beans, and legumes may not be combined with high acidic fruits such as oranges, lemons, and pineapples.  Look at the food combination chart below for more details.

Over 80% of the digestive disorders are caused by NOT choosing the right food combination.  You will know when you have eaten a wrong combination.  Your body will express the signs of discomfort, gurgling sounds, and gas.  So a sign of clean eating is when you eat compatible foods that enable a clean efficient digestion without producing discomfort & flatulence after the meal.

Food Categories


  1. Animal Protein: Meat, Cheese, Eggs, Poultry, Fish
  2. Plant Protein: Nuts, Seeds, Soya beans, Legumes
  3. Vegetables:            All vegetables like leafy greens, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, tomatoes, cucumbers, etc.
  4. Fats: All Oils, Butter, Margarine
  5. Starches: Potatoes, Breads, All Grains
  6. Sweet Fruits:         All sweet fruits like Bananas, Cantaloupes, Watermelon, etc.
  7. High Acid Fruits:    All fruits like Oranges, Lemons, Pineapples, etc.
  8. Sweet Fruits:         All sweet fruits like Bananas, Cantaloupes, Watermelon,  etc.
  9. Low Acid Fruits:    All remaining fruits like apples, apricots, pears, peaches, etc.

food compination chart

The food combination chart has been put together to promote optimum and easier digestion.  Also you should never combine any fruits with milk and if you must combine only sweet fruits with yogurt.

  Make the most out of your money and efforts you put on preparing meals while promoting health and wellness.


Ten Simple Ayurveda Tips for Life Long Health

Posted on: February 10th, 2011 by Rakesh Sethi 8 Comments

“Do We Care Better for Our Cars Than our Bodies?” Strangely enough I really think so.   We are concerned more about being stranded on the freeway somewhere than stranding our selves in the hospital with heart attack someday.  We do not fill the car with wrong type of gasoline but yet we will fill our own body with wrong types of food.  We give our car a break while it is in the garage for regular tune ups.  But we do not take a break even while eating meals.  And then we wonder in a few years, in spite of eating healthy, how we could land a disease.  Today I want to share ten simple Ayurveda Tips to change the lifestyle for better health and avoid chronic illnesses.

You are doing our best to live right to keep your body healthy and avoid illnesses.  My goal is to augment your effort by making some suggestions, perhaps add missing links.  Following are ten simple Ayurveda tips based on ancient wisdom of  natural wellness:ayurveda

  1. Drink a glass of warm to hot water (not coffee), first thing when you wake up.
  2. Get to know your Body Constitution.  Each person is uniquely built with physio-psychological constitution.  Based on your constitution, certain foods and activities are more suitable for you than others.  To assess your body type, please subscribe below to the FREE “simple secrets to good health” mini course and discover your unique body constitution. 
  3. Select foods according to your Body Constitution.   Food is the first medicine for the body.  Clean eating with right foods help prevent your body from becoming sick in the first place.  From an Ayurvedic consultation, receive a personalized Ayurvedic Diet and Lifestyle chart with list of recommended herbs, spices, and foods as per your body constitution .
  4. Make eating a ritual. Take the time to make it light and relaxed time while offering food with love to your body.  Do mindful eating.  Connect with your body and mind while enjoying every bite full of tasty flavors and nutrition.  Disconnect from work, internet, TV, and other interruptions.  Studies have shown when we are distracted with these activities while eating, you gain weight by unknowingly eating more food and/or you absorb less nutrition from your food, even if the food is full of nutrition.  Allow your mind to relax and enjoy!
  5. After a meal for optimum digestion, your stomach should be half full with “solids”, one quarter full with liquid, and one quarter empty with “air”.
  6. Allow 4-5 hours in between meals. When possible eat at least one meal per day with a family or a group of friends.
  7. Drink very little water with the meals.  Wait about 45 minutes and drink good amount of water.  NEVER drink ICED water/drinks just before, during, and right after the meals.  Iced water compromises your digestive fire leading to slow or inefficient digestion.
  8. Do at least once per week Oileation (Ayurvedic Massage)of your body as per your Body Constitution.  Ayurvedic Massage is a loving application of oil all over your body with light massaging motions.  Leave the oil to soak in for 25 minutes before taking a shower.  This nourishes your body while slows down aging. Ayurvedic massage oil is available here.
  9. Exercising 2-3 times a week.  This is nothing new; however, I want to include this for some of us who needs extra motivation and reminders.  In my gym, I regularly meet some people who can barely walk but they are there doing their thing.  I call them just pure inspiration for the rest of us.    Aerobics, sports, walking, yoga, weights, and other resistance exercises are all good.  Choose your exercises as per your body condition and your goals.
  10. Form a daily and weekly routine! The MOST important part is- STICK to it

Imagine Implementing the Small Ayurveda Tips & Receiving Big Health Benefits

Imagine your life if you took care of your body, “your vehicle for your lifetime journey”, with these simple ayurveda tips.   You would live with vibrant health; creating meaningful healthy relationships; bursting with energy while undertaking your responsibilities; enjoying life to its full potential; and creating health in others by spreading happiness to every one who surrounds you.  You would prevent chronic illnesses like obesity, diabetes, anxiety disorders, depression, and fatal illness like cancer. Economically, you would save loads of money by NOT needing pharmaceutical drugs.  And let’s not forget, you would avoid the dangerous side effects that come from using synthetic drugs.  Natural Ayurveda tips offer true preventive care and promote health and wellness naturally.

Subscribe below to discover your body type and basic Ayurvedic knowledge in FREE mini course.


How to Make a Simple Miracle Drink w/ Carrots Health Benefits?

Posted on: January 10th, 2011 by Rakesh Sethi 27 Comments

Simple Recipe: One Apple, One Carrot, One Potato equal in weight to carrot, and ¼ teaspoon fresh ginger

Thoroughly wash, chop with the skin intact into pieces, and put them into the juicer or high speed blender (like Blendtec or Vitamix) and immediately drink the juice.  For more refreshing taste, you can add some lime or lemon. Besides being tasteful & refreshing, carrots health benefits are numerous:

  • Prevents cancer cells to develop & restrain their growth (also see Cancer Preventing herb article)How to Make a Simple Miracle Drink w/ Carrots Health Benefits?
  • Prevent liver, kidney, pancreas disease and it can cure ulcer as well
  • Strengthen the lungs, prevent heart attack, and high blood pressure
  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Good for the eyesight, eliminate red and tired eyes or dry eyes
  • Helps to eliminate muscle aches & pain from physical exhaustion
  • Detoxify, assist bowel movement & eliminate constipation.  Therefore it will make skin healthy & LOOK more radiant. It is God-sent for acne problem (also see Cleanse/Detoxify article)
  • Lessen menstrual pain
  • Assist Hay Fever Sufferer from Hay Fever attack
  • Very effective in accelerating weight loss (also see Weight Loss article)

Highly nutritious and absorbs easily!   You will notice a difference in your energy and improvement in your immune system after 2-4 weeks of usage.

How Often and When to Get Most out of Carrots Health Benefits:

For best results, drink it twice per day.  Once, first thing in the morning and then before your meal (use it as an appetizer).  If you choose once per day, go with the first thing in the morning.

YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE!  TRY IT- IT DOES NOT COST MUCH MONEY TO PROMOTE HEALTH AND WELLNESS NATURALLY (with this simple miracle drink of carrots health benefits)!

If you liked this article then biggest compliment you can give is by sharing it with others.   As always keep in mind natural health tips along with right eating offer preventive care and promote health and wellness naturally.  Be Well!

Subscribe to FREE mini course below to discover your constitution:

What Do You Think?  Feel Free to Speak Your Mind

Share your comments, thoughts and suggestions below. I appreciate your time & will take the time to read every single one!


How to Detoxify Body Naturally in 7 Days?

Posted on: January 2nd, 2011 by Rakesh Sethi 11 Comments

Vacation and holidays are fun!  But we all know when we have over eaten, over drunk, over enjoyed, over done and all at the expense of our body.  Our body goes out of balance (health) and if we continue such a life style, we feel lethargic, dull, lack of energy, low appetite, gas, bloating, constipation, and we gain weight. Just like we do oil change & tune up for our car, now is good time to do “oil change”, that is to detoxify body naturally.

Your body, overtime, has accumulated toxins and body systems functions are compromised and if you do not detoxify whole body now, you may land yourself some illness.  If you have come to this point, taking a short cut with vitamins or energy drinks is not the answer. In fact your “digestive fire” is already compromised & you may be harming your body by putting unnecessary doses of vitamins plus throwing your hard earned money down the drain. So  at this time go with the total body cleanse and also as a general maintenance to do a whole body cleanse is good for you.

Let me show you exactly how you can detoxify body naturally in 6 to 7 days gently following simple steps:

detoxify-body-naturally1.  Start first day with ONLY 32 oz. – 48 oz. of warm to hot water in the morning. Have warm light vegetable soup for lunch.  Or if you can manage with fruits only choose cooked apple or pear or uncooked grapefruit or pomegranate. In the afternoon have only fresh Ginger tea.  Evening meal if you can skip great, if not, have only Moong lentil soup.  Rest & avoid exercising on this day.

2.  For the next 5-6 days:

    • Have warm light easy to digest foods like chicken broth soups, rice & Moong lentil soups, or other light meals
    • Drink hot fresh cut ginger tea 3 cups and only hot water through out the day
  • Take 1000mg Turmeric (2x500mg capsules) after each meal w/ warm water
  • Take 2000mg Triphala (2x1000mg tablets) Not after dinner but 1 hour before bedtime w/ warm water

3.  AVOID the following during these days:

Icy cold drinks, Fried foods, Red Meats, Cheese, Heavy creamy & sugary foods, Raw vegetables, Cold foods

Follow the above steps and you will detoxify body naturally of accumulated toxins in a matter of days.  No shock & aw or synthetic chemicals- all natural gentle process.  If you do not see enough improvement in 7 days, extend it for 3 more days.  A good measure is – Your energy level & robust appetite will return.

For more gradual and gentle detoxification, use herbal formula Eliminate Toxins.

Caution: Do NOT detoxify body, if pregnant.  Also if you have any medical condition, check with your physician before starting any procedure.

Note: If you like, you can practice “mini” version of the detox by following the above steps EXCEPT rather than five to six days in step two, do this step for only for two days. Use this mini version to detoxify body naturally more frequently (every or every other month) for it to be effective. Consult with your Ayurveda practitioner how often to detoxify the body.

If you liked this article then biggest compliment you can give is by sharing this wellness with others.  As always keep in mind natural health tips along with right eating offer preventive care and promote health and wellness naturally.  Be Well!

Rakesh Sethi

PS:  To know more if you are Eating Right Foods as per your unique Mind-Body constitution and create less toxins in the body, please subscribe to the FREE “simple secrets to good health with right eating” mini course.

What Do You Think?  Feel Free to Speak Your Mind

Share your comments, thoughts and suggestions below. I appreciate your time & will take the time to read every single one!

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