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Daily Inspirations

Posted on: March 5th, 2013 by Rakesh Sethi

Daily Inspirations

It is my privilege to share “daily inspirations” to inspire wellness in your life. The following inspirational thoughts have emerged over the years from reading philosophical and scientific literature, practicing Ayurveda, and of course from observing real life situations. The following pragmatic daily inspirations are subtle but super “food” for your intellect. I hope, these daily inspirations will increase your mental capacity to understand nature’s ways and will support you in releasing the stress in situations you can not or do not control.  When you develop mental capacity to let go in difficult situations, you experience true wellness and peace from within.

We will continue to post here new daily inspirations. Please come back from time to time to inspire wellness in yourself and share with others.  Be Well.

Rakesh Sethi

inspirational quotes















quotes about happiness

inspirational quotes














inspirational quotes

inspirational quotes















inspirational quotes















inspirational quotes














Inspirational Quotes











Life is a chance or a choice?












Inspiring mothers on mother's dayself control- key to your health and happiness













motivational daily inspiration to live well and healthy

Inspiring phrase from Book - Cruising through Turbulence












Motivational quote from book Cruising Through Turbulence

Wisdom quote out of book "Cruising Through Turbulence"













motivational daily inspiration to live well and healthy

Finding Spirituality within you

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