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Type 2 Diabetes Prevention or Treatment: The Real Problem Could Be Your Body Type

Posted on: December 8th, 2013 by Rakesh Sethi

Type 2 Diabetes prevention strategies are generally based on proper diet and increased physical activity. While these strategies do work, I believe the effectiveness of any Type 2 Diabetes strategy can be greatly enhanced by understanding one’s unique body constitution. This approach, based on Ayurveda principles, for preventing diseases including diabetes is discussed in my new book “Health + Happiness = Wellness: Discover Your Unique Nature and What Specifically Works for You”.

Type 2 Diabetes is on the rise and affects millions of people worldwide, even celebrities such as Tom Hanks, Halle Berry and many others.  I thank the recent headlines with stories about high profile celebrities who have openly discussed Type 2 Diabetes in the media and brought this issue to front and center. The problem has become so severe that is almost becoming an “epidemic”. CBS News recently reported about the Diabetes Atlas that projected 10 percent of the world population will have Diabetes by 2035. Forbes, in a story on the same source, called the problem ‘devastating’ and stressed the need for awareness and new medications. That’s the very bad news.

The good news is that Type 2 Diabetes can be prevented. If not prevented, it can be treated using natural, easy to implement home remedies. While many people put forth the idea that a specific type of diet may be the key to preventing Type 2 Diabetes that may not necessarily be the case. I think the real key lies in knowing one’s unique body constitution and using that information to formulate a unique diet and lifestyle plan.

In the Ayurvedic medicine, there are certain body types that have increased tendency of becoming diabetic. However, the trick is to discover who you are early in your life, what is your body type and live the suitable diet and lifestyle AS PER YOUR BODY TYPE. If you do stick to it, you can avoid diabetes altogether.


Once you realize your unique body constitution and live accordingly, you will greatly increase the effectiveness of diabetes prevention and treatment strategies. This however does not stop with Type 2 diabetes – a big bonus here is it holds true in regards to all health care and disease prevention strategies.  The book “Health + Happiness = Wellness” outlines the key practical and comprehensive steps in regards to achieving and maintaining optimum health revolving around your unique body type.

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