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Food Combination Chart Provides Healthy & Clean Eating Suggestions

Posted on: March 4th, 2011 by Rakesh Sethi 19 Comments

To get most out of our meals, we need to follow certain rules of combining food.  There are no secrets but a scientific basis for combining foods that are compatible.  It is on this scientific basis and including tips from ayurveda natural medical science, we have created a compatible Food Combination chart.  Follow the recommendations on this chart for clean eating and optimum digestion.  As a result, absorb the most nutrients from the foods you eat.

Select foods from the combination chart that are good for eating together.  When we mix different food, we are bringing several chemicals together and the digestion itself injects various digestive juices and enzymes (more chemicals) to breakdown the food for proper absorption.  Our goal is not only to eat clean but also have a clean digestion. For example, protein and carbohydrates is not a good combination.  The digestive process for protein takes on very different route than digesting carbohydrates.  The protein requires a lot of acid and longer time in the stomach to breakdown for digestion and during this time acid literally “burns” the nutrients in the carbohydrates.    Thus the benefits of the carbohydrates are lost due improper digestion plus the “burned” carbohydrates in the GI tract will create gas.

The most common food combination that creates indigestion and gas is combination of high rich protein and carbohydrates.  For the reasons described earlier, combining meat with potatoes, bread, sweets, and fruits should be avoided particularly.  So what do we eat protein foods with? Animal protein foods are best digested when combined with fresh or cooked vegetables and highly acidic fruits.  However, the plant protein foods like nuts, beans, and legumes may not be combined with high acidic fruits such as oranges, lemons, and pineapples.  Look at the food combination chart below for more details.

Over 80% of the digestive disorders are caused by NOT choosing the right food combination.  You will know when you have eaten a wrong combination.  Your body will express the signs of discomfort, gurgling sounds, and gas.  So a sign of clean eating is when you eat compatible foods that enable a clean efficient digestion without producing discomfort & flatulence after the meal.

Food Categories


  1. Animal Protein: Meat, Cheese, Eggs, Poultry, Fish
  2. Plant Protein: Nuts, Seeds, Soya beans, Legumes
  3. Vegetables:            All vegetables like leafy greens, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, tomatoes, cucumbers, etc.
  4. Fats: All Oils, Butter, Margarine
  5. Starches: Potatoes, Breads, All Grains
  6. Sweet Fruits:         All sweet fruits like Bananas, Cantaloupes, Watermelon, etc.
  7. High Acid Fruits:    All fruits like Oranges, Lemons, Pineapples, etc.
  8. Sweet Fruits:         All sweet fruits like Bananas, Cantaloupes, Watermelon,  etc.
  9. Low Acid Fruits:    All remaining fruits like apples, apricots, pears, peaches, etc.

food compination chart

The food combination chart has been put together to promote optimum and easier digestion.  Also you should never combine any fruits with milk and if you must combine only sweet fruits with yogurt.

  Make the most out of your money and efforts you put on preparing meals while promoting health and wellness.

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19 Responses

  1. Kirk says:

    Thanks for sharing the chart. Another clue never hurts. Great quotes…now to find a mantram 🙂

  2. Sarah says:

    Thank you for the helpful food combination chart.

  3. KKVerma says:

    Very Nice food combination chart.Lot of thanks.

  4. Jenn says:

    This is a wonderful chart..thanks! I have been looking to unravel some of the guess work out of poor food combining when the rasa virya & vipak are the same, yet incompatible. I look forward to testing this out! 🙂

  5. Mindy Ross says:

    Thanks for this. Been having trouble and didn’t know what to eat.

  6. Barley Green says:

    Hey There Promotehealthwellness,
    Thanks for that, Using a food calorie chart to choose foods when shopping or eating out is a pretty wise thing to do. It will not only help you lose and maintain weight. It will also help you get healthy and stay that way. And keeping a food calories chart handy will help keep you on the right track.

  7. Frances says:

    Thankyou! This is very helpful.

  8. Mike Hogan says:

    Reminds me of the Hay Diet, a food combining diet I followed for a few years. It did really help my digestion. I think I need to get back to it.

  9. Laura Susana says:

    Thank´s Rakesh! for the informatión.
    I want you to know that we are starting a vegetarian restaurant near my house. And you’ll be sure that we follow all this information in preparing healthing food.
    If you come to Venezuela some day, I would like to meet you in our vegetarian restaurant. I´s name is “Bambusa Vegetarian Restaurant”, and it´s located in El Hatillo, Venezuela.
    Best greetings. ; )

    • Rakesh Sethi says:

      It is with great pleasure I wish you well in spreading health and wellness through your restaurant. And yes if my good fortune brings me to Venezuela, I will most certainly visit you. I wish you tremendous success. May your good Karmas bring peace and health to you and others. All the best- Rakesh

  10. Selina says:

    Thank you for the food chart. The only thing i suggest is that you also list foods that help you speed up you’re metabolism and actively do things to help you’re body burn fat. You see most people know about the food chart. They just don’t know what foods have chemicals in them that help burn off the weight. So doing this would be helpful to you, you’re site and the people who use you’re site.

    Thank you and good luck to all

    • Rakesh Sethi says:

      Adding ginger, garlic, black pepper, cloves, cayenne pepper, or any other sharp heating spice to your dishes can speed up the digestion. You will retain less and loose weight. A word of caution- always know your mind-body constitution before start using extra spices regularly in your diet as you might create another aggravation while losing weight. Thank you for your feedback.

  11. Resa says:

    Many thanks for another amazing article. The place for natural wellness! Where else could an individual discover a sort of information that offers ordinary excellent techniques of creating health? I have a speech coming up in few days, with this particular topic. Happy to the find similar info.

  12. corrina says:

    This chart is awesome! I was just wondering what non-dairy milks (soy or almond or flax) can be combined with?

  13. Williamgat says:

    This is one awesome article post. Much obliged.

  14. Steve says:

    Very grateful for this information, but I am in total shock! I have always been a meat and potato man and now find out that this is a bad combination. I love my potatoes but find it hard to imagine eating them with the recommended combination. Help!

    • Rakesh Sethi says:

      Suggestions made are for optimum digestion. In your personal choice, choose less quantity of high protein when having potato or choose plant protein with potatoes. If you follow the Ayurvedic science a lot is dependent on your digestive fire, age, and season etc. (as described in Health plus Happiness equals Wellness book.) Be Well!

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