"Rakesh gives this knowledge with the skill of an engineer’s mind and the compassionate heart of a true healer. He patiently and clearly demonstrates this time-tested knowledge. He has made it a joy to learn." – D.H., RN, health care professional

Video Course

 “One Size Does Not Fit All”: Designing Self-Care to Achieve True Wellness 

Featuring Rakesh Sethi, BS, CAHP

You are your First Doctor, food is your First Medicine, and kitchen is your First Pharmacy. Now that you are aware of natural wellness, personalize it! Sweeping generalized recommendations don’t work for everyone. Wouldn’t you agree everyone is unique? So before you start to form any self care plans, you must understand what makes you, “You”?  Based on ancient Ayurvedic medical science, this video course will show how to practice true prevention using suitable foods, herbs, and lifestyle adjustments through out your life.

Table of Contents Brief Descriptions

 1.  Ancient Ayurvedic Philosophy: Basis for Natural Wellness

Each individual is unique. The interaction between the individual and the environment is unique and continuous. Being healthy is NOT a state. Staying healthy is a dynamic process. Participating everyday in your health based on your individual uniqueness. You are both body and mind- matter and energy. Ayurvedic wellness model addresses health at all levels of individual.

2.  Basic Structure of Ayurvedic Science Part  I

What makes you unique? Five great elements constitute matter and energy. What are the attributes of five elements in matter? What are the attributes of five elements in three main energies? Mind-body constitution is made up of five elements and three energies. Shift in your energies as per daily, seasonal, and age natural cycles.

3.  Basic Structure of Ayurvedic Science Part  II

What is your mind-body constitution? What is your quality of mind and consciousness? Find out with Rakesh as he guides you through questionnaire in this critical assessment.

4.  Ayurvedic Preventive Care: Putting it All Together- Disease Prevention and Health Promotion

How do you define being healthy? Understand how to make diet and life style adjustments as per day, seasons, & age? Health tips on right exercising and fasting as per your mind-body constitution.  Discover many other tips on how to maintain health and age gracefully?

5.  Ayurvedic Diet and Lifestyle: Food is Your First Medicine & Kitchen is Your First Pharmacy

What are six tastes and how they impact you unique energies? How to select suitable foods for your unique mind body constitution? Understand how different tastes and foods can balance your energies? How to use different herbs in food for balancing energies? What are more favorable herbs for mind-body constitutions?

               Practice prevention, the best medicine and keep your health and money!

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