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How Religion Benefits or Plays Role in Your Wellness

Posted on: January 8th, 2014 by Rakesh Sethi 3 Comments

Religion benefits and plays a very important role in our complete Mind Body Spirit wellness.  But how?  To answer this let us first define religion.  The word Religion comes from Latin word religare.  Ligare– means to unite and re– means again or back.  So the meaning of religion is the one that “units back to your origin”.

What is our origin? Universal consciousness, force, energy, or out of love we have called this energy “God”.  No matter what name you give, our origin is one and the same.  The purpose of religion is to open our mind and thereby gaining the ultimate experience which merges all distinctions of color, caste, creed, all philosophies, dogmas, our body, mind, & intellect, time, space, and causation in this world & in all other worlds into ONE.  Any systematic approach we take to experience this ONENESS is your Religion. 

I find the following short story by William Levacy very interesting in illustrating this point. “It seems that God was sitting one day and playfully remarked, “I would like something more enjoyable to do!”  So He decided to create a splendid yet complex game for Himself, perhaps a magnificent puzzle.  He decided, “I will make this puzzle out of Me!  I will break Myself down into all the myriad creatures and creations of existence, and as part of my game, try to bring all the pieces back together into Myself.”  God thought for a second (probably eons in our time) and said, “Now since I am God and I can do anything, I will make this puzzle really challenging and fun.  I will not only break Myself into all these pieces of creation and bring Myself back together…but I will also make Myself forget that I did this!”

So our challenge, since we have forgotten, is to become aware of who we really are?  In words it is easy for us to recognize who we really are but in actions it is entirely different story.  When we act identifying only with our physical body, we are like any other machine.   When we act identifying with our body & mind, we are a physical being with emotions.  When we act identifying with our body, mind, & intellect, we are a physical being with emotions and ability to think & analyze.

In all above instances we act as if we are separate & disconnected entities from rest of the creation.  Beyond BMI (Body, Mind, Intellect) is our real Self (God Itself) that is experiencing the creation thru BMI.  And it is this real Self when we identify with, we realize that we are not separate & disconnected.  However, our BMI can only experience physical objects, emotions, and thoughts but not the Self.  It is not possible for BMI to experience the Self as the Self is the subject sustaining the BMI.  Just as when we are holding the tweezers, it is not possible for the tweezers to hold the very fingers that hold the tweezers.   This is where the benefits of religion come in to takes us beyond our BMI to experience Self (Oneness, God, Energy, Force, and Universal Consciousness).

As long as we continue to identify only with the BMI, we continue to see ourselves as separate beings disconnected from our origin and suffer.  Our suffering stops when we start to assert our real Self in all our physical, emotion, & intellectual actions.  Any systematic approach that supports our personal efforts in asserting our true Self in all our actions in life is our religion. Does that mean if we do not belong to any religious institution, we do not have a religion and we need to choose one?  Absolutely not! Remember your religion is your own personal systematic approach that works for you.  It need not have a label of any religion.  On the other hand if you belong to a religious institution, does that mean you need to change your religion or quit the institution? Absolutely not!  You only need to evaluate and make changes accordingly.

Carefully evaluate your religious path if it does not take you to the experience of oneness, it should be replaced with the path that does take you to the experience of oneness.  Your spirit has inherent affinity for this oneness.  When you start stuffing your mind with doctrines, ideas, and thoughts that go against this, it creates “indigestion” for your spirit & mind.  To live with such “indigestion” creates conflict in your spiritual body which will ultimately manifest as disease in your mind & physical body. All benefits from religion are lost.

A point to note is every one of us has a religion whether or not we belong to any Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, or other faiths.  Religion is our personal way of living, our routine, our habits, food we take, emotions we take in & give out, thoughts we have, and all actions we do every moment of our life.  If we live true to our Self, we will benefit from our religion in promoting health in us.  Your religion is a one-on-one relationship between you and your Self (God). Life is a journey back to our Origin.  Enjoy & “travel” in good health.

If you liked this article then biggest compliment you can give is by sharing it with others.   As always keep in mind natural health tips along with clean eating offer preventive care and promote health and wellness naturally.  Be Well!

Share your comments, thoughts and suggestions below. I appreciate your time & will take the time to read every single one!

Thank you for your time and attention.  If you liked this article then biggest compliment you can give is by sharing it with others and spread this awareness. Contact me with your results & feedback.

Be Well!

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3 Responses

  1. Brittany Gregoire says:

    I love the way you define religion! It is exactly how I feel though I have not been able to put it into words. I have gained a lot from this article, thank you!

  2. Souad DER OHANNESSIAN says:

    Liked your post in regards to meditations, I sat with it, and hoped and prayed that it Weill help with my depression,
    Thank you for caring,
    God bless you
    Ps: I am not been Rude but unable to afford the cost, thanks again for your web site.

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