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Real people, real stories: 
This approach to wellness works! 

A highly experienced wellness practitioner, Rakesh Sethi, BS, CAHP is dedicated to guiding people to make life-long changes to live well. In his practice, Rakesh introduces clients to Ayurveda, a health-management approach that encourages wellness, rather than a disease-management approach that treats illness. Here are real stories from actual clients who are enjoying quality of life, thanks to Rakesh and Ayurveda medical science.

“For four years I suffered from chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia. These diseases are debilitating with flu-like symptoms and extreme fatigue – I needed 14 hours of sleep each day! My illness took over my life, making it impossible to work, take care of my family, and play with my 10-year-old son. After a whopping 15 minutes of analysis, my doctor gave me sleeping pills and antidepressants. He concluded my illness was all in my head! I spent months trying specialists, vitamins, and medications – with no cure in sight. Now I truly was getting depressed and losing hope. A few months ago, I decided to try a more natural approach. I began a program that would take my entire mind, body, spirit, and lifestyle into consideration. My Ayurveda journey with Rakesh Sethi gave me a complete understanding of what my body was going through, why it was responding with this illness, and how to change it. Rakesh guided me through a detoxification process and a new diet, including natural foods, spices, and herbs that were right for my body type. I also incorporated breathing techniques, meditation, and yoga. After only four months, I was a changed person! I feel vibrant and energetic. I feel like ‘me’ again, and it feels fantastic! There is no greater gift than to have quality of life. Thank you, Rakesh!”

– L.W., Staffing recruiter

“I had the privilege of being treated by Rakesh Sethi for my anxiety and stress matters. I was working with a major oil corporation and had a lot of things going on in my personal life. The stress became too much, and I was contemplating taking pharmaceuticals for my sleep disorder, panic attacks, and mood swings. I approached Dr. Rakesh, and we spoke about how I could resolve this hardship. Rakesh is very personable. While he encouraged me to reflect on matters in life from a spiritual perspective and continue my meditation with the zeal of a warrior, he also gave me herbal supplements. I continued to take these supplements regularly for more than a year. As a result, my mood swings and periodic bouts of panic and depression are gone, and my level of anxiety is much lower. Rakesh is an engineer from UC Berkeley, and he has given up a lucrative career in engineering to do something that is far more necessary and relevant for today’s world. He wants people to be truly healthy and not go back to doctors again and again. His Ayurvedic way of looking at illness is impressive. He is definitely a doctor for everyone, because he wants us all to be well.”

– P.P., Oil and natural gas engineering executive

“I met with Rakesh several times over the course of five months to help me apply Ayurveda to my life. It was such a relief to find someone to address my actual health and wellness needs instead of prescribing a pill or giving general advice. Rakesh used skill and patience to determine my individual nature, and I was very confident in his findings. These findings helped me take control and improve my physical health as well as my state of mind. Rakesh gave me concrete suggestions to improve my health and lifestyle. And they were easy to implement! He truly gives you individual, specific tools to live your best life. Rakesh taught me the relationship between my body and mind. Ayurveda has given me insight and understanding of why I am the way I am – and how to use this knowledge to create a happier, more productive life for myself and the people around me. I cannot say enough positive things about Rakesh. He is a talented teacher and an empathetic and analytical listener. He shows a real enthusiasm and passion for his work, and he truly desires your improvement and satisfaction with your life.”

– T.J., Homemaker

“I have attended two presentations with Rakesh Sethi, including one at AT&T in San Ramon. I’m impressed with his extensive knowledge of the Ayurvedic lifestyle, which can impact mind-body wellness. Rakesh has a deep understanding of life in the U.S.workforce. After hearing his presentations, I left with good tips to incorporate in my daily life to improve my health.”

– M.S., Telecom project manager

“I have enjoyed Rakesh’s Ayurveda lecture series and have learned a lot. Rakesh presents the information in a way that offers depth and insight, whether you’re a novice or have a lot of experience in Ayurveda. I would definitely recommend this lecture series for anyone who is interested in gaining a greater understanding of Ayurveda.”

– M.H.

The understanding, the wisdom, that Rakesh taught me has helped in every area of my life, including sleeping better and being healthy in the winter. It has even helped me be more patient with my children. As a nurse, it helps me navigate the latest scientific data regarding what works with an individual’s constitution. Rakesh gives this knowledge with the skill of an engineer’s mind and the compassionate heart of a true healer. He patiently and clearly demonstrates this time-tested knowledge. He has made it a joy to understand how I can live an authentic life and has taught me how to develop a stronger mind, with greater focus and clarity.”

– D.H., RN, health care professional

“After a personal consultation with Rakesh and reading his book “Health + Happiness = Wellness“, I have already experienced less stomach pain and acid reflux simply from making some small changes to my diet and my patterns of drinking water. Who knew the relief I have sought for years would be found so easily and why did no one tell me this before?”
– T.T., Award Winning Author

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