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“Living healthy is not one time resolution. It is living with Health Consciousness everyday that invokes your inner health potential your whole life.”- Rakesh 


"Rakesh gives this knowledge with the skill of an engineer’s mind and the compassionate heart of a true healer. He patiently and clearly demonstrates this time-tested knowledge. He has made it a joy to learn." – D.H., RN, health care professional

Wellness Workshops

Small groups and business teams gain insight – and practical advice – to improve relationships and their health

Rakesh Sethi

Rakesh Sethi’s wellness workshops are perfect for corporate teams, small businesses, or any group interested in gaining insight as individuals and as a team, improving their interpersonal relationships, and learning how to be in charge of their wellness.

In wellness workshops, participants are introduced to Ayurveda, a health-management approach that encourages wellness, rather than a disease-management approach that treats illness. Participants discover what makes them truly unique, including their strengths and weaknesses. Armed with this insight, participants can “own” their wellness, become healthier and happier, and improve their personal and business relationships. Plus, functional managers can create highly energized, engaged, and productive teams.

Workshop #1

Discover your unique nature: Learn how to use food as your first medicine & the kitchen as your first pharmacy

In this workshop, Rakesh Sethi begins by introducing participants to Ayurveda, an approach to health that focuses on prevention and wellness – versus the conventional view of treating illness – and urges participants to change the way they think about their health.

Rakesh also introduces the group to the idea of using food as their first medicine and the kitchen as their first pharmacy. For more than 5,000 years, Ayurvedic medical science has explored the relationship between what we eat and achieving physical and emotional balance. This ancient medical system has shown that mind-body balance and the foods we eat are intricately related. Depending on our unique mind-body constitution, we should consume certain foods to be healthy – and avoid others.

A certified Ayurveda practitioner, Rakesh “reads” each participant’s pulse to verify their unique mind-body constitution. Next, participants learn the specific foods that are compatible with their unique mind-body constitution and their personal wellness program. In this highly interactive and inspiring workshop, participants are motivated to choose compatible foods to “own” their wellness every day.

In this workshop, participants will learn:

  • The interaction between 6 tastes and your mind-body constitution
  • How to use food as your medicine to ward off the first sign of illness or disease
  • How to use the kitchen as your pharmacy
  • How to make seasonal adjustments in the foods you eat to achieve optimal wellness

Workshop #2

Knowledge is power: Understand personality strengths (and weaknesses) to forge cohesive, productive teams

As a functional manager, you recognize that multiple personalities make up your team. Perhaps the creative person is talented but scattered. The idea person bursts with great ideas but doesn’t follow through. The skeptic seems negative but, once sold on an idea, will get others to buy in. We all have strengths. We all have weaknesses. When personalities clash in a team environment, conflicts arise and productivity drops. While the Myers Briggs test and DiSC assessment can shed light on individual personalities, they can lack the deep insights to change team behavior.

Rakesh Sethi brings a fresh approach to truly understanding our individual – and team – strengths and weaknesses. Combining knowledge of natural psychology from the ancient Ayurvedic medical system with today’s real-world business environments, Rakesh works team magic. Managers and participants watch the light bulbs go off as everyone gains insight into the unique mind-body constitution of each team member – including their strengths and weaknesses.

Using Rakesh’s practical techniques, teams will replace miscommunication, turmoil, and perceived agendas with understanding, respect, and true teamwork. Diversity will become the strength of your team!

In this workshop, team members will:

  • Understand their unique nature and the unique nature of each team member
  • Learn each others’ strengths and weaknesses
  • Shift their attitudes to respect, understand, and successfully work with every person on the team


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