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“Rakesh Sethi, author of Cruising Through Turbulence, is brilliant! Within the pages of his book, I have learned to stop feeding my lower self with material wealth and instead to become less demanding and progress with ease into higher self-consciousness about wealth and to become happier in the arena of finances. I am ready to take on this new way of thinking and shift from a material wealth to non-material wealth lifestyle. This book is a great companion during our turbulent economy.” — Sandi Berger, author of FITNEVISION
“Sometimes it takes a major shock, such as a health crisis or job loss to make you wake up and realize what is important in life. Rakesh Sethi can help you realize what is truly valuable in life before it’s too late. Discover the greater value of non-material wealth in these pages and prepare yourself to cruise through life’s turbulence.” — Kristopher L. Walton, author of Navigating Your Mind


cruising through turbulence Cruising Through Turbulence: An Inspirational Guide for Your Wealth and Wellbeing in Difficult Economic Times and Beyond

By Rakesh Sethi, BS, CAHP

Does the economy have you down? Do you feel like you keep pursuing financial security, never to find it? Or do you keep accumulating wealth, but you still aren’t happy?
Perhaps it’s time to change your focus to your non-material wealth. In Cruising Through Turbulence, you will discover how material and non-material wealth are two sides of the same coin, and you must develop both to maintain balance.
Join health and wellness author Rakesh Sethi as he explores the place of wealth in your life and how it can help or hinder your happiness. You will learn:
• The true nature of material and non-material wealth.
• How to break the never-ending “If and Then” cycle of material wealth.
• The differing value of quality vs. quantity.
• How to set your wealth’s “speed-limit.”
• How to call on your inner strength to support you in turbulent times.
• How to balance inner and material wealth for a rich and happy life

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