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“Living healthy is not one time resolution. It is living with Health Consciousness everyday that invokes your inner health potential your whole life.”- Rakesh 


"Rakesh guided me through a detoxification process and a new diet, including natural foods, spices, and herbs that were right for my body type. After only four months, I was a changed person! I feel like me again- vibrant and energetic. There is no greater gift than to have quality of life. Thank you, Rakesh!” – L.W., Staffing recruiter

Wellness Coach Rakesh Sethi Offers Coaching to Achieve Balance of Mind-Body

Coaching and training to take charge of your health!

A certified Ayurveda practitioner, Rakesh Sethi, BS, CAHP uses natural psychology to uncover your unique mind-body constitution – your true nature. (Ayurveda is a health-management approach that encourages wellness and disease prevention, rather than a disease-management approach that treats illness.)

Rakesh’s wellness coaching, workshops, and webinars are perfect for individuals, couples, corporate teams, small businesses, and any other group of friends, business associates, or co-workers.

Through Rakesh’s wellness coaching and training, you’ll gain insight into an ancient wisdom of Ayurveda medical system that encourages wellness, and learn how to participate in your wellness every day. You’ll discover what makes your mind and body truly unique, including your strengths, weaknesses and disease tendencies.

Your wellness coach Rakesh will guide you how to create personalized diet and lifestyle that balances your unique mind-body constitution. And you’ll learn how to use this insight to improve your personal and business relationships. Couples realize each others inherent mental and behavioral tendencies and use this information to form a closer relationship. Managers and team leaders can create cohesive teams at work, in which every team member is highly energized and engaged.

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Wellness in the WorkPlace Can Be a Reality!

Rakesh Sethi’s presentations offer a fresh, practical message to create a healthy workplace.


5,000 Years and Counting…

The Ayurvedic medical system has flourished for millennia – because it works!

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