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“Living healthy is not one time resolution. It is living with Health Consciousness everyday that invokes your inner health potential your whole life.”- Rakesh 

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Welcome! If you want to learn about a different approach to health and wellness, you’ve come to the right place! In each video webinar, presented by Rakesh Sethi, you’ll hear more about Ayurveda medical science, a health-management approach that encourages wellness, rather than a disease-management approach that treats illness.

In each video webinar, Rakesh’s down-to-earth approach and practical tips will motivate you to make life-long changes to live well. Sign up to receive upcoming schedule.

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Wellness Webinar #1

“A new perspective: Learn a dynamic model to participate in your wellness every day”

In conventional medicine, you are either healthy or unhealthy. This static, “on/off” model to health doesn’t accurately represent day-to-day changes in your health and wellbeing. In this eye-opening video webinar, Rakesh Sethi shares a dynamic model, illustrating how your health fluctuates every day. You’ll be inspired to change how you think about your health and participate in your wellness every day.

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Length: 9 minutes

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Wellness Webinar #2

“One size does not fit all: Knowing your unique nature puts you in the driver’s seat for your health”

Now that you are aware of health promotion, personalize it! Your mind-body constitution (your nature) and your environment are absolutely unique to you! That’s why sweeping generalizations about the “right” kinds of food to eat and the “right” kind of exercise don’t apply to everyone. In this practical presentation, Rakesh Sethi explains how your nature is unique, as well as the nature of all things surrounding you, including the foods you eat. You’ll hear practical strategies to make daily adjustments to actively participate in your health to live a balanced, healthy life.

Cost: Free!
Length: 14 minutes

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Wellness Webinar #3

“Can Health Care Reform alone fix our health problems and health care system?”

There is no disagreement that something had to be done about our health care. And now that we have a health care reform, will it fix our problems. In this thought provoking presentation, Rakesh Sethi raises awareness to the key component in the equation of our health care and explains why if you don’t embrace this component in your health care approach there is no form of health care reform that will fix our health problems and our health care system.

Cost: Free!
Length: 9 minutes

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Wellness in the WorkPlace Can Be a Reality!

Rakesh Sethi’s presentations offer a fresh, practical message to create a healthy workplace.


5,000 Years and Counting…

The Ayurvedic medical system has flourished for millennia – because it works!

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